Alternate and Deleted Scenes

***Spoiler Alert!***
These scenes include references to events and alternate perspectives
on key scenes in Breakable.

Click on the title to read the scene:

- The "Tampon Incident" from Finn's Point of View

- "The Kiss" from Mark's point of view (Coming soon!)

- Finn's Epilogue (Coming soon!)

- Older Me's Epilogue



  1. Can you post a little something about why you cut these scenes?

    1. Hey, Leslye,

      The scene from Finn's point of view was an extra I wrote after the book was finished. I wanted readers to have the chance to see what went on in his head, to give some insight into why he acted the way he did. I couldn't include it in the book because the entire book was from Stacy's / Older Me's point of view. It would be very jarring to suddenly be thrown into someone else's head.

      The Older Me epilogue was originally included, however some early readers felt it made the book too long and was too "slow" a way to end the story. I decided to include it on my site instead, because I really liked it.

      Thanks for asking!